Hustopečské skákání
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22. ročník HUSTOPEČSKÉHO SKÁKÁNÍ, 5.2.2022, memoriál Heleny Rezkové-Hübnerové



Youths and juniors entered Saturday"s competition with a slight delay. The starting height was set at 147 cm but most of the 13 competitors skiped it and continued to higher heights.

Dominik Machala from the district competitors and Erik Slatinský, both from TJ Lokomotiva Břeclav, took part in the fights for medals. While Dominik finished at 162 cm, Erik jumped to 187 cm without a single mistake. Unfortunately, this height was too much for him and he had to leave the competition.

Among the youth category, the competitors from Brno, Kolín and Znojmo reached the finals. Matyáš Čudlý from TJ Sokol Kolín-atletika jumped from 172 to 202 cm without a single hesitation. However, the height of 205 cm, which he could no longer overcome, became fatal for him. Even so, he took the gold he deserved. He left behind Damián Süsenbekaz from TJ Znojmo with 187 cm and Jiří Sedláček from TJ Univerzita Brno with 177 cm.

The juniors jumped even a little higher. Luke Ball from Great Britain jumped golden 205 cm and set the next height to 207 cm. But it was already beyond his strengths. His compatriot Kresten Calvert entered the fight at the 187 cm and only three jumps were enough for him to win a silver medal, when he overcame 192 and 197 cm at a first attempts. The bronze medal is also going abroad to Hungarian athlete Alex Gábossy for his performance of 197 cm.